Rosie Freshwater

Managing Director

Rosie has spent her entire working life either working in or running a digital agency with a specialism in retail.

What she doesn’t know about the challenges of growing a business, successful retail strategy and building and managing an effective team frankly isn’t worth knowing.

As well as founding and running Leapfrogg, Rosie also loves to work directly with retailers as part of their board level team helping them plan and deliver growth in a digital age.

Her specialism in customer first marketing means she can help any retailer truly understand their customers, their position in the marketplace and create and execute a digital proposition that stands above the competition.

As well as being a clever thinker, problem solver and challenger of the status quo she is also rather good fun to work with!

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“Rosie has brought a wealth of fresh ideas and new ways of thinking to the Fargro board. Never afraid to challenge the status quo she enjoys challenging the board as well as giving encouragement and support when required. She is focused on helping Fargro move forward in the digital age and brings a strategic approach with it. Rosie would bring real value to any business she worked with and is also rather fun to have around”

David Godsmark, Chairman, Fargro Ltd


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