Paul Freshwater


I’ve been holding the purse strings at Leapfrogg for the past six years. My role consists of sales and purchased ledger; raising invoices dealing with suppliers, running payroll, dealing with all things PAYE/VAT/HMRC/SAGE and the thankless task of credit control!  I’m the one who looks after the wages and expenses, so everyone is usually pretty nice to me!

I can usually be counted on to bring a cake into work on the days I’m in the office and on the days I work from home, I juggle the financial demands of a successful digital marketing agency with the incessant demands of looking after two small boys.  You can guess who the hardest task-masters are!

My favourite premium/luxury brand(s)

  • You can’t beat Aston Martin or Ducatti…one day!
  • There’s also a lot to be said for every day premium brands such as HP, Heinz & Coca Cola – brands that have made opening the fridge a little treat every day

My favourite place(s) in the world

  • Ibiza 92, 01 & 07 – fantastic times with great friend’s, music, sunshine and the terrace at Space (does the same place three times count?!)

My biggest indulgences

  • Listening to and buying music – if only I had more money and time!
  • Having my haircut every 5 weeks without fail
  • Quality chocolate –  I have a terrible sweet tooth