Peter Christian case study

A focus on popular and profitable product lines, combined with advanced, rule based automation and attribution technology increases return on investment by 75%.


Peter Christian is a family owned business selling classic, well-tailored gentleman’s clothing.

The brand wanted to improve their ROI to give them the confidence to increase media spend. They had limited internal resources and required educating about the potential untapped opportunities of paid search.


Our in-depth insight phase saw us analyse Peter Christian’s customer data to gain an understanding of their behaviour, needs and expectations. We used this intelligence to inform the aspects of targeting and messaging.

Following this, we investigated their most popular and profitable products, whilst analysing the competitive landscape and the performance of existing keywords. We removed poor performing keywords and search terms associated with higher value product lines were added, whilst a campaign was created to drive sales for the launch of a new ladies collection.

We integrated our paid search automation and attribution technology which allowed us to track the complete journey taken by Peter Christian customers in researching, considering and purchasing products. This enabled our team to attribute sales to the correct channel and optimise those channels accordingly leading to an improved return on investment.


  • An overall revenue increase of 11%
  • A non-brand revenue increase of 57%
  • A non-brand ROI increased by 17%
  • Revenue generated from paid search outside of the UK increased by 7% year on year


“Peter Christian has been very pleased with the professional and dedicated work carried out by Leapfrogg as our paid search agency, both in terms of the project set-up and the on-going management of our account.”

David Boyce, IT Director, Peter Christian