Feather & Black ‘children’s furniture’ campaign

Blogger outreach program

Delivery of a creative link acquisition program that bridged the gap between search engine optimisation (SEO) activity and offline PR,  meeting brand building, traffic and sales objectives.

Following the launch of a children’s furniture range (‘F&B Kids’), a program of work was put in place to increase awareness and drive sales. The search term ‘children’s bedroom furniture’ was cited as a commercially viable target based on revenue potential. Having worked with the client to cover off the basics (i.e. on page optimisation) we applied our editorial, PR driven approach to link acquisition.

An earlier campaign had focussed on driving sales for a new range of children’s pyjamas. Using a combination of our own media database and a number of SEO tools, we created a media list of influential ‘mummy bloggers’ who were sent product samples, In turn, this secured positive reviews and keyword rich links back to the Feather & Black website.

Building on this, we created a panel of influential bloggers to establish the ‘Official Kids Furniture Tester’ panel. We invited the panel to an event at a Feather & Black flagship store in Fulham to learn all about the brand and products.

Each blogger was then given a choice of ‘F&B Kids’ furniture to take home for their children to ‘test’. Once a quarter, we request feedback from the mums on the products and give them the opportunity to try new parts of the range. As well as writing a review of each piece of furniture they trial, the mums also feature a badge on their blogs, which includes an embedded link back to the children’s bedroom furniture page.

The mums are also supporting us by helping with customer research around online shopping habits, website functionality testing and product development.

As a result of this campaign, Feather & Black has moved from outside the top 30 rankings on Google for the term ‘children’s bedroom furniture’ to within the top three, significantly increasing traffic and sales both online and in-store. In fact, in December 2011, the ‘Noah’ children’s range was Feather and Black’s best seller!

Awareness of the Feather & Black brand and their products has also been positively enhanced in the minds of highly influential bloggers as a result of the campaign.

Our approach to meeting the brief perhaps best encapsulates our innovative and creative approach to SEO that has contributed to Feather & Black increasing online sales by 48% and average order values by 50% for their recently closed financial year.

What did the client have to say?
“This was the first time that Feather & Black had invited bloggers to be involved so closely with our business and we’re thrilled to have started such a positive, open and two-way, dialogue with representatives of one of our core target audiences: mums. The scheme is a clever combination of off-the-page SEO, blogger relations, product development, PR and customer insight and was undertaken quickly, insightfully, with little fuss and huge enthusiasm by our team at Leapfrogg. Their approach was anchored in technical understanding but was creative in execution and is having ongoing and multiple positive effects on meeting our business objectives”.

Hatty Mears, Marketing Manager at Feather & Black.

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