Feather & Black integrated search strategy

Covering their last financial year (Sept 2010 - Sept 2011)

Delivering an integrated natural and paid search strategy that increased online sales by 46%.

With aggressive targets in place, paid search was adopted due to its immediacy and flexibility. Its main purpose was to target new customers by focusing on high volume, non-brand search terms.

Ongoing analysis and testing meant keyword targets were constantly refined according to their impact on meeting sales and brochure download targets, particularly in the build-up to key trading periods, such as the winter sale.

Dedicated landing pages, ongoing conversion optimisation and a/b testing combined to maximise the value of traffic driven through paid search and other channels. Our paid search strategy also included a multi-channel campaign to drive (and track) web searchers to their local store using vouchers.

Tactics to improve natural search visibility included on-page optimisation, creation of Google Place pages and shopping feeds. However, it was the link building strategy that perhaps best encapsulates our creative, PR-driven approach to natural search. To improve search engine rankings and therefore drive traffic and sales for a new range of children’s pyjamas, we created a media list of influential ‘mummy bloggers’ who were sent product samples. In turn, this secured positive reviews and keyword rich links back to the Feather & Black website.

Building on this, and following the launch of a children’s furniture range (‘F&B Kids’), a program of work was put in place to increase awareness and drive sales. The search term ‘children’s bedroom furniture’ was cited as a commercially viable target based on revenue potential.

Utilising the blogger relationships we had developed, we created a panel of influential bloggers to establish the ‘Official Kids Furniture Tester’ panel. We invited the panel to an event at a Feather & Black flagship store in Fulham to learn all about the brand and products.

Each blogger was then given a choice of ‘F&B Kids’ furniture to take home for their children to ‘test’. Once a quarter, we request feedback from the mums on the products and give them the opportunity to try new parts of the range. As well as writing a review of each piece of furniture they trial, the mums also feature a badge on their blogs, which includes an embedded link back to the children’s bedroom furniture page. The mums are also supporting us by helping with customer research around online shopping habits, website functionality testing and product development.

This PR-driven approach to link acquisition garnered all-important back links from high quality, relevant sites but also met brand building, traffic and sales objectives, whilst developing lasting and powerful relationships with influential bloggers.

We are delighted to say that Feather & Black exceeded their financial objective for September 2010 – September 2011, increasing online revenue by 46% and average order values by 50%, with Leapfrogg playing an integral role.

Tactical highlights included an outstanding 582% increase in last click revenue from the paid search campaign. Revenue from non-brand search terms was 132% over target and year-on-year return from brand campaigns up 667%.

Non-brand, natural search traffic increased by just-under 20% year-on-year and the on-site conversion rate from natural search traffic was up 21.5% in September 2011 compared to the previous year.

What next?
Using the data garnered from the paid search campaign, as well as our sales attribution tool, we will be using this to inform the natural search campaign in 2012 with an emphasis on implementing a robust content strategy following recent planning workshops.

The success of recently executed online PR campaigns, including product placement and blogger outreach, will mean these become a mainstay of our approach to link acquisition, raising awareness and sales.

We will also be supporting the client in the execution of their mobile strategy with around 10% of visitors already coming from mobile and tablet devices.

What did the client say?
“A fun an energetic team, Leapfrogg continue to impress with their rich enthusiasm, abundant ideas and results.”

Hatty Mears, Marketing Manager at Feather & Black.

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