Agent Provocateur insight and strategy project

Agent Provocateur is an iconic British lingerie and nightwear brand founded in 1994 with approximately sixty stores worldwide.

Historically, paid search has worked well for Agent Provocateur as a means of driving brand awareness and growing their customer base. However, they wanted to look at additional ways to improve their digital presence, increase customer acquisition and online revenue, as well as support in-store activity.

The online team at Agent Provocateur knew that natural search was a channel that was not being leveraged as fully as it could be and one which required a fresh approach.

Leapfrogg was appointed to deliver insight into the revenue potential of natural search, before putting forward a recommended strategy and tactical plan. Agent Provocateur has in-house resource for content creation, PR and social media; therefore they were also looking for an agency that could empower internal teams to work towards common natural search objectives.

What we did

Our team began by immersing themselves with the Agent Provocateur brand before carrying out detailed analysis in the following areas:

  • Existing natural search traffic and revenue
  • Paid search keyword data, traffic and revenue
  • Natural search engine visibility for terms performing well in paid search
  • Search volumes and trends

Analysing this information allowed us to identify revenue gaps, namely where Agent Provocateur had been generating revenue via paid search but did not feature prominently in natural search listings. In addition, we also identified new revenue opportunities from our own search term research and trend analysis.

Establishing the strategy and executional plan

Once the revenue potential had been established, we carried out extensive analysis of the following:

  • Agent Provocateur’s website
  • Backlinks to the website
  • Brand social media activity
  • Current content strategy and future plans
  • Offline and online PR activity

We also carried out the same analysis for Agent Provocateur’s key competitors. Using this insight, we honed in on six core categories and themes that offered the greatest revenue potential through improving natural search visibility.

For each theme, we presented a detailed program of work including activities and tactics with timescales for delivery mapped to seasonal trends and peaks in search volume. These included ideas around content creation, blogger outreach campaigns, online PR and events, competitions, social media, local search and data strategy. On top of this, we completed a full audit of the Agent Provocateur website, covering technical and usability recommendations.

One of the key objectives for Agent Provocateur was to ensure their online, content and PR teams were working in a more integrated way. To aid this, we analysed the structure and existing skillsets within the organisation, identifying means by which they could work smarter and spotting potential gaps in resource or knowledge.

Finally, we provided a detailed forecast and set of key performance indicators by which to measure the success of the strategy, both at a granular and board level.


We presented our natural search strategy to Agent Provocateur and provided them with a comprehensive twelve month campaign planner covering the website, content, PR and social. Using the campaign planner, Agent Provocateur can assess the right time to build links to maximise seasonal value across their product range and develop content accordingly.

The Agent Provocateur team is currently using the plan and implementing our recommendations in order to improve their natural search visibility, increase targeted traffic and ultimately drive revenue from a previously untapped stream. Leapfrogg will provide ongoing support in executing the plan and assessing its impact as required.

What did the client have to say?

“Of all the agencies we met, Leapfrogg was the most strategic and commercial in their approach. They saw the bigger picture rather than jumping straight into executional ideas. Leapfrogg’s process and team were impressive and their recommendations were presented in a clear and digestible way.”

Haydn Parks, CRM and Online Marketing Manager, Agent Provocateur.