How Leapfrogg are supporting Brighton and Hove Impetus in 2016

Over the last five years, we have made a small but worthwhile difference to lots of worthy causes, including local charities, friends of our team (such as Life of Lyra) and larger charity organisations. This year we have turned to our doorstep again to support a charitable organisation doing valuable work within our local community – Brighton & Hove Impetus.

Impetus is an independent organisation supporting local people through various services aimed at improving wellbeing and the quality of life for vulnerable people within our city. One of their key services is a neighbourhood care scheme which I am personally involved with. The scheme recruits local volunteers to support elderly people, people with physical disabilities that may feel isolated in the community and also their carer’s.

The scheme operates in 10 neighbourhoods in Brighton & Hove, embracing about half of the city’s population. By volunteering your time, as little as once a week can make a huge difference to someone’s life. It can help build their confidence as they feel more connected to the local community and it helps with depression. The scheme users build valuable friendships and have the chance to have new experiences. Below is a short film by Anna Dütsch ‘Remembering Today’ about the neighbourhood care scheme.

Not only does the scheme benefit the person in need, but volunteers feel like they are making a real difference and they also value the friendships built and have fun. It is highly beneficial to both parties and such a worthwhile thing to do with your spare time. If you are thinking about doing something similar and you live in Brighton and Hove, then please do contact the neighbourhood care scheme, there may be someone in your local area that is in need of your time and friendship.

As well as the neighbourhood care scheme, Brighton & Hove Impetus support people with learning disabilities, mental health issues and those affected by cancer in various different ways.

So how are Leapfrogg supporting Impetus? As well as volunteering ourselves, we are raising money to support the organisation and also helping to spread the word about what they do and how you can get involved.

We are currently filling our bellies with yummy food in our ‘Great Frogg-Off’ baking and cooking competition. The money raised each week will be going to Brighton & Hove Impetus. So far we have raised £220 and are currently in the quarter-finals of the competition.


We love raising money for such great causes – it’s hugely rewarding, brings us all together and we get to have fun along the way.

Impetus Brighton & Hove have also launched ‘The Yellow Rose Campaign’ to connect friends, build communities and help to spread awareness about isolation in our city and surrounding area. Using a yellow rose as the emblem, the campaign features fundraising initiatives across the city connecting residents and businesses with Impetus’ varied services.

The campaign will coincide with the UN International Day of Friendship on Saturday 30th July 2016, and on this day volunteers and the staff will be on the streets of Brighton and Hove giving out yellow roses with a pledge to change someone’s situation.

If you want to get involved with the campaign then visit their website here. We will be joining in with the social Thunderclap to increase awareness and will continue our fundraising this year to support such a wonderful and local organisation.

If you don’t live in Brighton and Hove, then see what you could to do support your local community but if you do live in this wonderful city then please take the time to look at what B&H Impetus do and see how you could make a difference here.

You can also keep up to date with our fundraising initiatives by following us on Instagram.

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