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Well hello there! I’m Libby, the Office and HR Manager here at Leapfrogg and my sole responsibility is to ensure that Leapfrogg is a fantastic place to work. To do this, we strive to create a happy and creative environment where development is encouraged and employees deliver excellent work to clients because they enjoy the work they do, the environment they work in and the team they work with. We like our clients to think of us as an extension of their business and that our employees are a part of one big Leapfrogg family!

So how do we invest in our employee’s happiness?

Our team is our most important asset and we invest in their happiness as much as we can whether that’s buying them a chocolate bunny at Easter or providing healthcare, flexible working patterns, volunteering opportunities, recognition initiatives, monthly innovation meetings or simply enjoying a juicy piece of fruit on a daily basis. Leapfrogg’s customer first ethos filters through to how we approach employee engagement.

We care!

The digital and retail industry are a fast moving landscape and that translates to agency life where we are constantly evolving our working methods to stay ahead of the curve and to deliver impeccable service and results. This sometimes comes with additional pressure, but we ensure we invest in their wellbeing and mental health to give them the skills and platforms to build resilience and thrive on the challenges we are faced with.

This year, we have already taken time as a team to concentrate on our wellbeing. We’ve learnt about how the pressures of everyday life can affect our bodies and how we can build resilience and excel under pressure. We took part in a workshop to practise mindfulness and learn how to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’. It is so important to listen to our bodies and learn to cope with stressful situations because we will all experience them from time to time. It is very important to me and to Leapfrogg that we don’t ignore our mental health and that time and money is invested into every employee’s wellbeing.

We even have happiness jars to capture those moments that put a big smile on our faces!

happy jar

We have fun

It’s so important to have a laugh as a team, and we certainly do that on a daily basis. I run the social team who ensure we spend quality time together outside of work – whether it’s going to the pub on a Friday for a cheeky pint on Leapfrogg, mackerel fishing in the summer or spending the afternoon in a pottery café learning to throw, paint and decorate ceramics.

Laserzone 3

We grow

Development branches outside of everyone’s job descriptions and we encourage everyone to open their minds to other areas of personal growth. If someone wants to learn something new, then we encourage that even if it isn’t currently a part of their job description. I’ve introduced the team to learn something new lunches on a monthly basis. So far we’ve had sessions on how to speak Lithuanian, play poker and make origami. It’s not just about learning within your role, we like to encourage personal growth in every aspect of life.

Learn something new

We listen

We encourage all employees to have a voice and input into the direction of the agency. If they have an idea we want to hear about it and we like to include everyone in some decisions across the agency. I like to think that everyone at Leapfrogg has an open door policy and that we can all speak to each other and build a supportive network. Through weekly/bi –weekly check in’s with managers and chats with the Managing Director, everyone has a chance to speak and be heard on a regular basis.

James and Lucy_2

So that’s just a little insight into life at Leapfrogg, if you want to see what the team has been up to then please take a look at Instagram and Facebook.

If you would like to learn a little more about working at Leapfrogg then visit our careers page and get in contact if you have a question or you would like to join the team. We are always on the lookout for talented and inspiring individuals, and that might be you!

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