Why Leapfrogg are moving to an agile way of working

In the ever changing world of digital, being adaptable and nimble is essential to succeed. Here at Leapfrogg, we are constantly evolving our working methods to stay ahead of the curve and to deliver impeccable service and results and now we are moving to a new way of working to enable greater flexibility in approach and a more agile way of working.

What is agile?

Agile is defined as “a method of project management that is characterised by the division of tasks into frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans.”

Agile in itself is not a new concept. It has been used in software development for many years and its methods and process are well suited to growth hacking and in order to achieve growth everything we do is assessed by its potential impact on scalable growth.

Why are we doing it?

An Agile approach to campaign planning and delivery enables us to further adopt the growth hacking mind-set of data, creativity, and curiosity. The heart of growth hacking is the relentless focus on growth as the metric that matters.

It fosters greater future focused analysis, opportunity spotting, adaptable plans (that can move at the speed at which the digital landscape changes) and it allows us to overcome any barriers and blockers to hitting targets in a proactive and flexible way.

How are we doing this?

We are adapting our campaign and delivery planning to shorter “sprints” with continual review and revision in relation to hitting targets.
Client strategy is prioritised and timelines remain fixed within sprints with sprint deliverables detailed weekly.

Communication is in real-time, meaning at any given time clients have full access to exactly where we are against targets and activity. This has required some changes in how we report back and the format in which the updates are presented.

Real-time updates mean our planning and status reports becoming ‘living’ documents that are managed and updated throughout each week. Clients have full visibility at any point on their exact status and there’s no need to wait for their next status report to be sent over.

Real-time reporting keeps a firm eye on where we are against our target to date, giving quick and clear direction on when activity needs to change to achieve the agreed objectives. Our plans in terms of reporting are three-fold:

1) Making use of custom dashboards within Google Analytics means we can build a reporting dashboard that focuses on the important metrics within our clients’ businesses which have full visibility within Google Analytics

2) A target tracker of the KPIs that have been agreed is part of our planning document and is automatically refreshed as our barometer of success

3) Finally, we will be automating the paid search statistics, which again, are refreshed as part of our planning document

So what are the benefits?

Receiving real-time updates means our clients will have the numbers at their fingertips!

The data and performance analysis are of course, still front of mind and vital to success. Our analysis time will become even more future-focused and woven into each stream of activity so we can continually analyse, develop and test its effectiveness to achieve clients’ business targets whilst providing proactive recommendations to deliver results.

Streamlining all reporting and communication has enabled us to deliver more thinking and doing time, a greater focus on innovation, added value and a proactive ability to circumnavigate hurdles. We believe it’s an adaptable way to run marketing campaigns in an ever changing landscape.

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