Insight Edit: How much personalisation do today’s premium consumers want?

Leapfrogg Insight Edit

Here at Leapfrogg, we have a panel of over 1000 retail consumers that we engage with on a regular basis to help us understand customer needs and expectations from the brands and retailers they buy from.

Every month, we question them on a range of areas from buying behaviours and brand opinion, to emotional purchase triggers and their recent shopping experiences.

The Insight Edit is our weekly bite size edit of the insight we gain from our panel in our search to truly understand the mind of the premium customer.

Personalisation is a growing trend for retailers looking to enhance their customer experience.

Leading retailers are building various forms of personalisation into their marketing tactics. It is no longer enough to just address emails personally, consumers now expect the content of their emails to be personalised to their shopping habits and preferences. Website content can be tailored according to previous behaviour and display ads can be shown according to the way a consumer has behaved across multiple websites.

Although these tactics create a very relevant experience for consumers, we are also conscious there in a thin line between ‘creepy’ and ‘cool.’

In light of this, we wanted to understand our Premium Panel’s attitude to personalisation. We asked them how important it was that the brands they buy from personalise their communications based on their preferences and previous purchases.

Premium Panel survey

A further 35% were indifferent, deeming it neither important nor unimportant. This means that only 12% think it unimportant that brands personalise the experience.

These figures show how important it is that retailers begin to build an element of personalisation into the experience they give their customers. Showing your customers you are aware of their favourite products or providing offers that suit them will not only generate additional sales but also increase loyalty too. By personalising the experience you give your customers across any channel, you can show them that they are a valued customer.

If you can make your customers happy, they will ultimately buy more and remain loyal. It’s a win-win situation. There are plenty of clever tools to allow retailers to start using personalisation across their digital channels with very little cost implication. So what are you waiting for?

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