Leapfrogg celebrates Brighton’s digital cluster – one Vine at a time!

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As part of the Brighton Digital Festival in September, Wired Sussex invited Brighton & Hove based member companies to take part in their #BtnLivesDigi competition. Our challenge? To create and share innovative and inspirational Vine videos that represent why we love working in Brighton and also why we love working for Leapfrogg in order to win a prize from Wired Sussex and be featured on the We Love Brighton website.

As well as the city wide competition, we decided to run our own internal competition with prizes for the top three vines decided by an external judge. The Leapfrogger’s produced some great Vines and we really enjoyed experimenting further with the platform and getting our creative juices flowing.

Big congratulations go to our Paid Search Intern, Monika, who won 1st place in the Wired Sussex competition by creating the most impressive Vine video.

Here’s her winning entry on why she loves working at Leapfrogg:


In addition to winning the city-wide competition, Monika also came first place in the Leapfrogg competition. 2nd place was taken by our Social Media and Content Consultant, Hannah, who created a brilliant stop motion film using the Leapfrogg models from 3Dify.  


Our Office & HR Manager, Libby, who took 3rd place for her Vine of Leapfrogg’s summer outing to Crazy Golf earlier in the month:

Do check out some the other fantastic and inspirational Vines that were produced by agencies across Brighton & Hove on the #BtnLivesDigi website here or by searching #BtnLivesDigi on Vine.

Well done to all who took part!

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