Insight Edit 7 – What content engages premium retail consumers?

Leapfrogg Insight Edit

Here at Leapfrogg, we have a panel of more than 800 premium retail consumers that we engage with on a regular basis to help us understand customer needs and expectations from the brands and retailers they buy from.

Every month, we question them on a range of areas from their buying behaviours and opinions on brands, to emotional purchase triggers and their recent shopping experiences.

The Insight Edit is our weekly bite size edit of the insight we gain from our panel in our search to truly understand the mind of the premium customer.

As engaging content is a huge part of the buying journey for most consumers, we wanted to find out which types of content influence purchasing decisions across fashion, food & drink, health & beauty, home accessories, furniture and giftware categories.

We asked our panel to select the top type of content they used to help them make purchases for each retail category out of the following list:

  • Product information
  • Images of products
  • Images of products in context /real life situations
  • Written descriptions of products
  • Written content on how to use the product
  • Customer reviews
  • Reviews from influential people /celebrities
  • Videos on how to use the products
  • Editorial videos (inspirational, adverts)

Although the order in which they appeared varied, the four types of content that were selected most across all categories were:

  • Images of products
  • Product details
  • Written descriptions of products
  • Images of products in context /real life situations

As you can see from the following charts, the only retail categories where visual and written product related content did not appear in the top three types were ‘health and beauty’ and ‘fashion’. In these categories, ‘customer reviews’ came within the top three types of content.

Customer reviews did appear consistently as important to consumers, but on average, they appeared in 4th place behind product related content.

Our key takeaway this week is that for any retail sector, it crucial to ensure your on-site product information is of high quality – both visual and written. Visual imagery must be ‘product only’ AND ‘product in context’ to gain the highest conversions.

Next in importance is customer reviews and then other content such as video and celebrity endorsement. Even though these types of content did not feature as highly as others, in many cases there were still between 20-40% of respondents viewing them as important.

This is why making sure you have a strong content budget is important to maximise on sales in any retail sector.


Food & Drink

Health & Beauty

Home accessories




*Graphs show only the top three types of content in each retail category.


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