Social engagement within the premium furniture sector

As part of our ongoing crusade to create the perfect customer experience, during the latter part of this year, we have been investigating how well premium retailers understand their customers and are therefore able to produce content that engages them.

When purchasing expensive and premium items, consumers tend to seek inspiration and research products extensively online before taking the plunge. Therefore, engaging brand content plays a crucial role in developing relationships with potential customers. But to produce engaging content that leads to sales, retailers need to develop a thorough understanding of the needs and expectations of their customers. Only then can they create content in the right format, with the right information and tone of voice, and position it in the right place for their customers to find and engage with it.

Our first report in this series focuses on the premium furniture & interiors sector. We have assessed 20 of the UK’s leading retailers including Loaf,, Heal’s and Habitat amongst many others and used our engagement scoring system to assess how well the brands are engaging their audiences. We have ranked each retailer’s performance and explored further how the top three scoring brands are hitting the mark with engaging their target audience, but also what they can do to improve their strategies. In addition, we have provided our tips on how brands can gain more insight about their customers in order to drive more meaningful engagement.

Our report and analysis has highlighted how the furniture & interior sector still has a long way to go to rival the most compelling brands in the digital space, with only a small percentage of the UK’s leading furniture retailers’ actually producing content that engaged their audiences.

You can download the full report here. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the report findings, please get in touch. And remember to keep a look out for future reports covering further sectors within premium retail in the New Year.

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