The Weekly Shop (9th – 13th June)

Hello and welcome to this week’s Weekly Shop news digest. This week we take a look at content marketing tips, ecommerce copywriting, KPCB’s Internet Trends Report, Google+’s new insights reports and digitising the customer journey.

15 indispensable content marketing tips

Econsultancy have just released their new content guide which contains practical content marketing tips and presents the lessons they’ve learnt from ten years of writing their highly successful blog. This article gives a taster of the report and contains 15 of their indispensable tips.

Five evocative examples of ecommerce copywriting

While we’re on the topic of content, this next article looks at five fanastic examples of copy from around the ecommerce world to inspire you, with examples from the likes of Mr Porter, onefinestay and Firebox.

8 Things That Social Media Marketers Need To Know From KPCB’s 2014 Internet Trends Report

Every year, the tech community waits with baited breath for Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report which offers key insights based on data and research across the web, mobile, TV and social which brands can use to better inform their marketing efforts, content strategies and ad planning in 2014. However, the report isn’t exactly light reading and contains 164 slides of dense data. If you haven’t got time to digest it all, then this article summarises the key facts and slides that will be of most use to social media marketers and community managers.

Google’s new Insights reports for Google+ show visibility, engagement, and audience data

This week, Google launched a new Insights reports feature for all Google+ pages, meaning that the company is finally starting to provide rich analytics for its social network. The insight reports data is broken down into three types – visibility, engagement and audience, so you can finally see how your Google+ content is performing and who is viewing it.

Digitising the consumer decision journey

This next article from McKinsey and Co looks at how companies need to take a more digitised approach to managing the consumer decision journey to keep up with rapid technology cycles and improve their multiplatform marketing efforts. The article highlights the importance of data and insight to shaping digital marketing strategies and crafting a meaningful customer experience.

10 Questions To Ask When Creating A Link Building Campaign

When building links, it’s all too easy to focus on specific link building tactics. While these tactics are great, they need to be part of the bigger picture: a link building campaign. This article helps you to take a step back and provides you with the questions that you should be asking when creating a link building campaign.

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