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Welcome to Leapfrogg’s Weekly Shop. In this edition, we look at the growth of the UK’s online retail sector, a new service that offers loyalty and discounts without the need for vouchers or apps, omnichannel trends in ecommerce and ways to increase customer lifetime value.

Online retail records its strongest Q1 since 2011, driven by more online shoppers and more spending per visit

The latest figures from the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index has revealed that the UK online retail sector experienced its strongest Q1 growth in three years. Rather than this increase in sales being credited to simply more people shopping online, it has been determined that internet shoppers are actually spending more per purchase. You can read more about these figures over on Internet Retailing.

Retailers get chance to offer seamless loyalty and discounts in store and online without vouchers or apps

Following a tie up between Affiliate Window and payment card-to-voucher linking start up Birdback, shoppers could soon be getting money off when they pay in-store or online with such retailers such as Debenhams, Groupon, Feather & Black and House of Fraser. Using Birdback’s offline voucher system, StoreWindow, shoppers can register for in-store cashback programmes, vouchers, and loyalty schemes directly to their payment cards. These ‘card-linked’ offers provide a simple way of rewarding customers, encouraging loyalty and gaining better insights into consumer behaviour.

Six omnichannel trends in ecommerce

Next up is the first in three interesting reads from Econsultancy. In this first article, Econsultancy have rounded up six omnichannel trends in ecommerce – which includes the single customer view, personalisation and more.

How are companies trying to increase customer lifetime value?

Econsultancy’s recent Customer Lifetime Value: Building Loyalty and Driving Revenue in the Digital Age report found that 64% of retailers rate customer experience as the best tactic for improving customer lifetime value, followed by better use of data and personalisation. This article looks at the results of the report and outlines how companies are attempting to improve retention rates and an overview of tactics and strategies used.

15 ways for companies to increase customer lifetime value

Following on from the above, Econsultancy have suggested 15 ways that companies can provide a better customer experience and therefore increase the lifetime value of their customers. There’s some useful points in here.

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