The Weekly Shop (17th – 21st March)

In the Weekly Shop this week…the four types of customer insight retailers should have, simplifying channel attribution, Facebook’s new video adverts and more!

Customer insight – what you should know and why

Our first article this week comes from Leapfrogg’s MD, Rosie Freshwater, who has revealed the four different types of insight that we believe all retailers should have about their customers. When combined together, this insight gives a true picture of who your customers are, the shopping experience they desire and how much they are likely to spend.

Introducing The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

Here’s a clever visualisation from Chris Lake from Econsultancy. He’s created a periodic table of content marketing, which is a rather useful referral tool when thinking about content campaigns.

Channel attribution doesn’t have to be a complicated issue

Channel attribution is often seen as being overly complicated, but this article aims to simplify the process and show that it can actually be quite straightforward. A useful read if you’re thinking about the affiliate arena and using attribution tools or a specialist company.

Facebook Says Video Ads to Hit News Feed ‘Over the Next Few Months’

In Facebook news this week, the social network has just announced that they are going to be rolling out video adverts in users’ news feeds over the next couple of months. These 15-second ads will auto-play within the news feed, but will be soundless unless you click on them and will be measured in a similar way to how advertisers buy and measure ads on TV.

International SEO Tips – What Are the Game Changing Factors?

Moving onto the topic of SEO, if you’re thinking about the internationalisation of your website, then this article outlines some international SEO best practice tips and describes what they are, and how they work.

So…You Think SEO Has Changed?

To finish off this week, here’s an article from Clickz which quite rightly aims to debunk the theory that ‘SEO is dead.’ Head over to Search Engine Land for more.

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