The Weekly Shop (24th – 28th Feb)

In the Weekly Shop this week…how to improve customer experience when items are out of stock and attract registrations without creating a barrier at the checkout, plus the growing importance of online reviews and insights into how the way we’re shopping is changing.

How to improve customer experience when products are out of stock

We probably all know how frustrating it is to find the perfect item online and then later discover that it’s actually out of stock. This article from Econsultancy tackles the out of stock problem online retailers are encountering today and looks at ways you can improve customer experience when items are out of stock to induce the users to make a purchase, either on the same session or in the future.

How to attract registrations without creating a barrier to checkout

Registration has its benefits to both customers and retailers, yet often a forced registration can be perceived as a barrier by customers. This next article looks at how well designed checkouts can reduce customer abandonment while still encouraging people to register with examples of best practice from ASOS, Macy’s and House of Fraser. 

77% of UK shoppers consult reviews before buying online: report

It probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that reviews are an important feature of any ecommerce site. Nonetheless, a new survey from Trustpilot has found that three out of four British shoppers (77%) consult online reviews before buying online, showing that clearly reviews are incredibly important for driving conversions. To further highlight the importance of reviews, here’s a roundup of data taken from several other studies which show the impact they have on driving conversions.

Online shoppers move from PC to mobile as they shop more often, but with five or fewer retailers

More research this week has revealed insights into how the way we’re shopping is changing. The study found that fewer shoppers are using their PC to buy online and are turning to smartphones and tablets. Other interesting findings included the statistic that 57% of UK online shoppers buy with five or fewer online retailers. Asked why they shopped at their top three retailers, 85% cited trust, and 79% price. More over on Internet Retailing.


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