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In the weekly shop this week…the second in Ben’s series of articles on PPC Payment models, 11 ways to improve online customer retention, ASA’s fight against paid links and a case study on our work with iconic lingerie brand Agent Provocateur.

PPC agency payment models: performance based

Our first article is the second in a three part series from our commercial director Ben, who has been dissecting PPC Payment Models for Econsultancy. This week he has been scrutinising the ‘performance based’ payment model. If you want to catch up with his previous article on ‘percentage of spend’, then you can do so here.

11 ways to improve online customer retention

Next up is an article from Econsultancy, which outlines 11 ways in which ecommerce retailers can improve customer retention including personalisation, delivery options and community building amongst other useful tips.

Paying bloggers for positive reviews is it common and is it right?

In 2010, the ASA started working with Google to make sure websites disclosed if they were being paid to advertise something on their website. Now, the ASA has posted a reminder to bloggers that they must make it absolutely clear on their blog if the content is an advert or ‘sponsored post’ rather than a normal article. In light of this, the above article explores the slightly murky relationship between bloggers and advertisers. More information can also be found on the ASA website.

John Lewis makes hare-raising Twitter mistake as it promotes wrong accounts for bear and hare

Last week saw the launch of Bear and Hare – John Lewis’ £7m Christmas advert, yet since the campaign launched, the company itself has been promoting the wrong Twitter accounts for the characters. Whoops! The John Lewis Twitter account directs people towards @JohnLewis_Bear and @JohnLewis_Hare: but the accounts tweeting are actually @JohnLewisBear and @JohnLewisHare. Possibly a miscommunication between the PR team and the people handling social media after they presumably set up accounts to stop people from claiming the Twitter handles.

Case Study: Agent Provocateur

To finish us off this week, our insight and strategy work with the iconic lingerie brand Agent Provocateur has been featured on Figaro Digital.

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