The Weekly Shop (7th – 11th October 2013)

In the Weekly Shop this week we take further look at Google’s switch to encrypted search and some alternative methods to collect the missing (not provided) data. We also feature an article from Brand Republic which looks at the future of retail and follow up from the Digital Distress: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night? study we featured last week.

Keywords, and #Hashtags, and Hummingbird! Oh My!

The last couple of Weekly Shops have been full of Google news that has altered the way SEO professionals work, yet from a social media and content marketer point of view there is a thrill of opportunity for all digital marketing disciplines to work together as a cohesive team. This article on Search Engine Watch looks at what Google has changed and what those changes mean from a social marketers point of view.

Great, All of My Keywords Are Gone…Now What?

One of Google’s recent big changes was their move to encrypted search which resulted in the death of keyword data in Analytics. Many people have cited that this change will be the end of SEO yet it shouldn’t paralyse your SEO efforts if you are able to evolve and adapt your strategies as this article from Clickz explains.

Eight alternatives and workarounds for missing (not provided) data

In light of the above, Econsultancy has rounded up some useful workarounds and alternatives for measuring organic keyword data. Even though nothing can really substitute for the real data that has been lost, the alternatives they’ve provided are quite useful – although we’re not too sure about the last example!

A Simple Commitment To “Experience” May Just Ease Marketer Distress

Following on from the study we featured last week, which exposed marketers’ anxieties about their profession; Kendall Alan has expressed her opinion on why she thinks this might be over on Search Engine Land. She believes that thinking about customer experience is the key to easing marketer distress and it makes for an insightful read.

The future of retail: five things to look out for

To finish up, here’s an interesting article from Collective London that looks at how digital has changed the retail sector and what the future of retail is likely to look like. Many of the points in the article are aligned to how we think here at Leapfrogg and it’s well worth a read.

Happy reading!

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