The Weekly Shop (14th – 18th October)

In The Weekly Shop this week, four reports that have yielded some interesting stats about the retail sector, data you might have in your secret stash that can be used to improve segmentation and targeting and some interesting articles about ‘Not Provided’ data and the future of SEO in 2014 and beyond.

Getting to know the 1% who generate up to 40% of retail website turnover

Kicking us off this week is the first of four reports around the retail sector. New research from Qubit suggests that just over 1% of a retail website’s users could be responsible for as much as 40% of its revenues. They identified four main categories of website users which is useful for retailers when thinking about where to invest their marketing budget as often tiny segments could be driving a massive percentage of your revenue.

Report: Online Shoppers More Likely To Respond To Free Shipping Offers Than Price Discounts

Next up is a study from Retention Science which exposed that online shoppers are twice as likely to respond to free delivery offers than price discounts. Interestingly, the study also found that emails sent during the afternoons and on Tuesdays and Fridays had the highest conversion rate. Some useful stuff here!

Just 20% of companies have a well-developed customer experience strategy

New research from Econsultancy and CACI has found that based on a global survey of 900 companies 58% have an embryonic customer experience strategy and many organisations are struggling in the key areas needed for an integrated customer experience. We’ve always believed that the customer must be at the heart of your digital and wider retail strategy and have been doing some really interesting work in this area which we look forward to sharing shortly!

Smartphone owners now visit shops less often

This last study highlights how mobile is fast proving itself to be integral in any multichannel strategy. Smartphone owning shoppers are making less frequent visits to stores while at the same time becoming more likely to purchase via mobile and tablet.

Uncovering Your Secret Stash of Marketing Data to Improve Segmentation & Targeting

Here’s an interesting article from Clickz about the data you may have stored away that you could be using for improved segmentation and targeting. You may well be sitting on gold mine of data!

Google Keyword ‘(Not Provided)’: How to Move Forward

This is the first of a couple of interesting SEO articles we’ve stumbled upon this week which reflect on Google’s recent switch to secure search. This article from Clickz looks at how the changes have made performance reporting less accurate and how you can dive into a new approach to SEO reporting using the metrics still available in conjunction with some new KPIs. While these new metrics aren’t as accurate as keyword level data, they do provide a solid alternative to understanding SEO performance.

Not Provided’ World Just the Beginning of a Marketer’s Challenge

An article that looks beyond Google’s shift to ‘Not Provided’ data and how this may just be the first in a series of seismic shifts in search marketing as the ‘web cookie’ days also appear to be numbered.

Eating My (Key)Words: Changing The Way We Think About SEO

Jenny Halasz’s shares her thoughts on the future of SEO over on Search Engine land, which in her opinion is a future not based on keywords, but rather on how those “keywords” form a relationship to an entity, a concept, or a target. Another interesting read.

3 SEO Success Factors for 2014

To finish us off this week, an article that looks at three factors we need to consider for successful SEO as online marketers in 2014.

Happy reading!

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