Top ten Froggblog posts of 2012

As we draw towards the end of another eventful year in the worlds of digital marketing and retail, it’s time for our annual round up of the top posts from the Froggblog.

I’ve been lucky enough to write a number of guest posts for Econsultancy this year, some of which are also included below.

Also, be sure to keep a look-out for our summary of what we have learnt this year and what we look forward to in 2013.

For now, here is a run-down of our top posts in 2012:

Stick, twist or bust: Thoughts for digital marketing investment in 2012

Right at the start of the year I argued that retailers should ignore much of the doom and gloom they are exposed to through the mainstream media and instead formulate their strategies by taking other external factors into account. With the somewhat depressing Autumn Statement fresh in our minds, my advice remains as relevant today as at the turn of the year so it’s well worth revisiting.

The retailer’s guide to using AdWords Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to make your Google paid search adverts more relevant and useful to prospects. Paid search analyst, Andy Miller takes a look at each of those ad extensions and how to utilise them to improve the performance of your Adwords campaign.

Ten ways retailers can maximise digital sales of high-value items

Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of retailers selling high-value items, such as furniture, online. Website optimisation expert, Suzanne, offers advice for retailers in operating in this space where a complex sales journey, involving multiple channels, is common, as well as a long consideration period.

First steps towards multichannel marketing for independent retailers

It has undoubtedly been the year that multichannel retailing (and more recently omnichannel) has stolen all of the headlines. The need to deliver a seamless and consistent experience for customers as they move between store, website, mobile and catalogue is much easier said than done. With this in mind, our Managing Director, Rosie, offers advice for independent retailers looking to make their first moves into multichannel.

How stores should embrace digital to provide an innovative shopping experience

‘Showrooming’, when a customer visits a brick and mortar retail store to touch and feel a product with the intention of making the purchase online, has become common customer behaviour in recent times. Suzanne looks at how a retailer can deliver an in-store experience that takes advantage of this behaviour rather than viewing it as a threat.

Survey results: Inside the mind of your premium retail customer

At the start of the year, we conducted some research to explore the habits and behaviours of consumers purchasing premium products and services. It revealed some interesting insight not least that 61% of consumers said they would not reduce their online spending habits in 2012. Take a look at the full report to see how your experiences in 2012 marry up.

The agency vs in-house conundrum…the impact of Google Panda on staff resourcing

The big news in search this year centred on the Panda and Penguin updates. I take a look at the impact these updates have had on the discipline of natural search (or SEO if you prefer) and what this means for a brand considering managing their search strategy in-house.

The importance of customer insight to search strategy

No marketing campaign can be truly effective unless you have a genuine understanding of the audience you are targeting. Head of Social Media and Content, Lucy, looks at the importance of customer insight to delivering a winning search strategy.

Essential e-commerce features & functionality to drive great customer experience

This two part post from Ben Adam looks at the importance of choosing the right website platform or technology with an emphasis on the features and functionality that help drive a positive and engaging web and cross channel experience. Part 2 can be found here.

Content marketing – applying the principle of ‘form follows function’ to deliver great customer experience

Rosie looks at the challenges brought about by multiple stakeholders creating content seemingly to serve different objectives and how the principle of ‘form follows function’ can act as a means of delivering a more joined up and consistent approach.

Articles featured on Econsultancy

Earlier this year I started guest blogging for Econsultancy. My articles reflect a passion for demystifying the many half-truths that surround disciplines, such as natural search, and in turn helping businesses make informed decisions when it comes to shaping their online strategy, choosing the right partners and allocating appropriate resource.

SEO: search experience optimisation

I explain how a change to the ‘E’ in SEO can encourage a subtle (but significant) change of mind set that, in turn, can help marketers take a more objective view to what they should be doing (and more importantly what they shouldn’t) when it comes to shaping and executing their SEO strategies.

Four SEO payment models you need to seriously question

I take a look at a number of SEO payment models that, for me, don’t come under nearly enough scrutiny and why, in my view, they just don’t work in the context of today’s search landscape.

Will Panda kill the freelance SEO star?

The well-publicised Panda and Penguin updates have had a significant (and in my view, positive) impact on the discipline of SEO. I ask whether it Is possible for one person to manage a full end-to-end SEO strategy when the discipline involves such a multitude of skill sets.

Writing a search marketing brief in a multichannel world

In the context of an evolving search landscape and multichannel environment, retailers need to re-evaluate the information they include in a brief when sourcing a search agency.
This article explores firstly why the search marketing brief needs to evolve before providing practical advice on what retailers should include in it.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Leapfrogg.

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