New clients bringing Christmas cheer to Leapfrogg

By our own admission, we don’t shout nearly enough about the great work we do for our clients (a new year’s resolution for 2012 perhaps!?). In the last few weeks, we’ve been successful in winning a number of fantastic new clients so thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you all about them.

First and foremost, we are delighted to have been appointed by Filofax. A brand steeped in history, Filofax dates back as far as the First World War when an Englishman working in the USA, came across an American organising system consisting largely of technical leaves for engineers and scientists. More than 90 years later, the Filofax personal organiser continues to be a valuable and practical asset to people in all walks of life. Initially tasked with looking after natural search, we will also be working with the client to develop a wider online retail strategy in 2012.

In the fashion sector, we have recently been working with one of the UK’s leading nightwear and loungewear specialists, Hush. We were tasked with helping the Hush team put in place greater structure and process around the creation, optimisation and marketing of content. This has included running a number of workshops with the client’s in-house writers to come up with creative themes and ideas that support product sales, whilst also helping to build a lifestyle brand. We have helped the client put in place a highly detailed week-by-week, structured plan outlining the content to be created and the channels by which that content is to be marketed. Alongside this, we have delivered training and put in places processes to ensure the value of that content better supports natural search and social media activity.

Sticking with fashion, we are delighted to have been appointed by Bastyan to manage their paid and natural search campaigns. Started by Tonia Bastyan (and part of Aurora Fashions), Bastyan is a collection aimed at the 35+ market giving design solutions to women searching for both quality and design from the upper middle market. Tasked to drive sales during the pre and post-Christmas sale period, we set up a Google Adwords campaign, which exceeded the clients sales targets for the entire trading period within the first two weeks!

Longer term, we are developing a natural search strategy aimed at increasing customer acquisition, whilst supporting on- and offline PR initiatives.

In the world of high-end travel, we start work with Simpson Travel in January. We’ll be developing and executing a natural search strategy aimed at increasing bookings to Simpson’s luxury villas, apartments, boutique & family hotels in Corsica, Greece, Majorca and Turkey. Our work will combine on-page optimisation, user-experience, content strategy and online PR.

And last but by no means least, Insight Guides, publishers of the world’s largest series of visual travel guidebooks and maps, has appointed Leapfrogg to provide support in the upcoming launch of their new website. We’ll be delivering a bespoke program of SEO training to the Insight Guides team of editors, empowering staff to optimise site content as it is being created. Following that, we hope to be working with the client to put in place an ongoing search strategy aimed at increasing traffic and e-book sales.

So there you go…some fantastic new clients that we look forward to working with in 2012. We’re showing off a little bit but having seen growth of more than 20% this year, in a difficult market, we’re feeling just a little bit pleased with ourselves! Expect to hear much more about our clients next year as we support them in meeting and exceeding their commercial objectives.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

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