Mobile search strategies for Christmas 2011


“Holidays are coming, holidays are coming…”.

Yes, that’s right Christmas is almost upon us.

UK searches for “Christmas present” have been on the increase since mid-August as this Google Insights graph demonstrates:

Research by Google indicates that 70% of consumers will use their smartphones while shopping this holiday period, comparing prices in-store, and 15% of total shopping-related searches will be carried out on a mobile device. Clearly, a mobile strategy is key not only to maximise sales this Christmas, but as an integral part of your digital marketing beyond the festive period.

Typically, consumers will be using their mobile devices for:

Last minute gifts

44% of searches will be for last minutes gifts and in-store location queries. They may have missed the delivery deadline and will therefore be looking for bricks and mortar locations to purchase presents.

To best convert this traffic we would recommend:

1. Creation of a mobile optimised site or app

2. Clear store location information on the site or app

3. Click to call pay per click (PPC) advert variations using Google AdWords

4. PPC Site links using Google AdWords featuring a “store locator” link

Best Deal finders

Savvy consumers will be looking for the best deal, comparing prices on their mobiles whilst in-store.

To best attract and convert this traffic:

1. Use “deal” messaging in ad copy to increase click through rates (CTRs)

2. Have clear price and availability information in store

3. Present clear delivery information, especially with regards to pre-Christmas delivery

4. Make clear the promotion of any price match promise guarantees

Christmas present research

Many consumers will research gifts on their mobiles and then convert via a different source (through the website or in-store). In order to be present at their research phase, you will need good mobile visibility in the search engines for products you wish to sell this Christmas.  This can easily be done via a Google AdWords campaign focused purely at mobile/tablet devices if you do not have high natural visibility.

Google research shows when consumers make purchases as a result of research made on a mobile, 76% purchase in-store, 59% purchase online and a smaller proportion buy on their phone. As only a small amount of consumers actually buy on their mobiles, it is important that you do not judge the mobile activity’s success by mobile purchases alone. Instead you should analyse the click and sales path and find mobile’s attribution to online and in-store purchases.

A recent YouGov survey commissioned by 2ergo  found that 54% of consumers who use a smartphone are happy to purchase via m-commerce, yet 76% of high street retailers still do not have a mobile site or mobile-optimised content. This is great opportunity for smaller, more nimble retailers to take the lead and gain a competitive advantage over their less flexible counterparts, starting with a mobile strategy for Christmas 2011.

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