Leapfrogg’s approach to social media (infographic)

Social media is an integral part of your audience’s digital engagement with your brand. At Leapfrogg, we take a holistic approach to social media; our approach reflects the interdependency between search, social media and content; we believe that you cannot operate a successful digital marketing campaign in silos.

We advise our clients on the best channels by which to reach their audience by conducting comprehensive research; in short, how and where their prospects and customers spend their time online. Using this information, we develop a centralised content plan, which is also aligned to the greater marketing strategy. Having all departments (agency and client side) working to an agreed plan not only gives clear direction but also ensures that messaging remains consistent through all marketing channels, regardless of the channel your consumer prefers to engage with you via. This is essential to giving a retail brand a voice across social media channels that extends beyond special offers and promotions; it’s about offering a more compelling reason to follow that brand.

A centralised content plan also helps deliver the consistent experience that customers expect as they move between channels, something which is essential for retailers to get right but much easier said than done!

This approach is illustrated below with this rather wonderful infographic:Phase one: Insight & understanding
Creating a successful, engaging and compelling space for relationship building with your target market is only possible if you know who your target audience is, what they care about and how they like to communicate; and you measure that relationship accordingly. Taking time to understand your target audience feeds directly into phase two.

Phase two: Centralised content strategy, operation structure & clear objectives
A solid content strategy gives you creative direction, streamlines resources and ensures all messaging is consistent. This also allows you to engage with your target audience in the appropriate way and set clear objectives for your activity.

Phase three: Pool of clear results
Done well, content planning and social media can deliver brand awareness, customer engagement, ownership of search results, stronger relationships with the media and drive direct sales. Only by structuring your approach, execution and measurement will you be guaranteed to add value and deliver tangible business benefits.

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