A bunch of froggs take to the sky for charity!

This year saw the start of the first Leapfrogg Social Committee. Apart from organising activities to bring us all closer together we wanted to do our bit and raise money for a charity throughout the year. We chose three charities, got everyone to vote in the little green frog box and the winner was the brilliant and local Rockinghorse children’s charity.

Here is a little about what they do and how they do it:

“Rockinghorse brings hope to families in challenging times, improving the quality of life for some of the most vulnerable children in Sussex and Surrey. Many of those we support are living with life threatening conditions, profound physical or learning disabilities or have complex medical needs. Working in partnership with respite Centre’s and children’s hospitals we strive to make services stimulating, cutting edge and accessible for the many babies, children and teenagers that need them”

As a company we have done several activities so far this year including a bake sale and Leapfrogg MasterChef, which is still in full swing so watch this space for an update and some pictures to make your mouth water! It seems from these two activities that we like a treat or two at Leapfrogg and that we are very competitive…………these are both true!

Not only are we doing the above but some wise cookie (me!) decided it would be a great idea to do an organised event for Rockinghorse. I chose to skydive and asked the office for any other thrill seekers to join me. Surprisingly the lovely Lucy Freeborn and the dashing Ben Potter and Nick Dodd put their hands up. So then there were four, we signed up and we are but only 9 days away from the 12,000 feet leap at Headcorn Parachute Club in Kent.

So please wish us crazy froggs all the luck in the world and if you would like to sponsor us then you can do so on the links below, we need all the help and support we can get!


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