Our new website goes live!

We are delighted to have launched our new website, which not only represents a shiny new look and feel but also our official launch into the premium retail space.

Last year, we underwent an overhaul of the Leapfrogg brand. At the time, we gave our old website a quick makeover whilst we decided how to best bring the new brand to life online.

Fitting perfectly with our creative and results driven approach, the origami theme has been developed further, particularly with the scrolling imagery on the homepage. Origami requires patience and attention to detail (we should know, we tried our hand at it a couple of weeks ago….with er…interesting results!). However, the effort is rewarded with a beautiful creation. It sounds a little corny I know, but the same is true of planning and executing highly effective digital campaigns, particularly in the competitive and complex world of retail.

The new website also represents the final stage in our repositioning exercise, which has been taking place over the last 18 months or so. We made a strategic decision at the beginning of 2010 to build a division focused specifically on servicing brands and retailers in the premium retail space. Since then we’ve been building on the experience and expertise we already possessed in this market with tons of reading, research, surveys, round tables, attending the right events, meeting the right people, reviewing our service offering and reorganising the internal structure of the business; all to deliver the very best in digital marketing expertise and service premium and luxury retailers.

Importantly, we’ve invested a lot of time not just in understanding the online retail environment but also the increasingly complex multichannel space that digital operates within. We are therefore focused on delivering online strategies that perfectly align with our clients’ offline marketing and PR to help deliver consistent and seamless customer experiences. Nothing works in a silo…we totally get that and our bigger picture thinking is reflected in our approach to working with retailers.

With all of the excitement around the new website and retail specialism division, it would be easy to forget where we have come from. But rest assured that won’t be happening. We’ll continue to deliver exceptional digital marketing expertise for our existing clients in other sectors, running alongside the new retail teams.

A massive thank you to all those involved with the website project, not least our friends at Make Media for willingly going the extra mile for us, Josh for his creative input and the Leapfrogg team for their thoughts and ideas.

Do let us know what you think of the new website.

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