Retailers to better serve online customers who commute

As a daily train commuter myself I was interested to see this Internet Retailing piece over the weekend on the Post Office and ByBox teaming up to help retailers deliver products to train stations.

Retailers can sign up to trial a new way of delivering online purchases to those commuters that cannot commit to being at home to meet a parcel, but also find it difficult to get it delivered to work and then lug home on the train.

The idea is that a set of secure lockers are placed in a train station in which products will be left and picked up using a secure pin code sent to the customer.  Having a box at my train station that allows me to pick up items 24/7 is, for me and I am sure many other commuters out there, a brilliant progression in multichannel tactics, such as “Click & Collect.”

With 2.75 million train journeys taking place every day in the UK  (Sources: Network Rail, ATOC, SRA), there are a huge number of people who will find picking up items they have bought online a great deal easier should retailers jump on board the trial and help the service to grow across the country.

So retailers, please do think about this new addition to your multichannel offering as I know it will encourage me and many others to spend more with you online through the added convenience factor.

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