Gearing up for tomorrow's SheerB2B conference

I’m very excited (and a bit nervous!) to be talking tomorrow at the illustrious SheerB2B conference at Fulham Town Hall.  The trade and B2B arm of SheerLuxe, the definitive guide to luxury and premium shopping,  SheerB2B is a unique online community that brings together support and advice, a directory of recommended industry agencies, suppliers & experts, case studies and interviews to help premium and independent Etailers successfully grow their businesses.

I’m presenting alongside Google, and other premium retail experts around the day’s event focus, ‘content’:  how to create the best possible content for your website, how to use that content to support your wider SEO objectives and how content can support conversion and sales.

I’m looking specifically at why it’s vital that brands bring their PR online and how an effective online PR strategy, dovetailed to your wider SEO and social media activity, is an essential part of a holistic approach to digital marketing.

My presentation includes a look at how a central content plan can help you streamline and consolidate your content production and cascade into a structure for your blog, social media, link building and online PR plans.  I’m also going to be taking people through Leapfrogg’s view of how link building has evolved over the past few years to be a great deal more sophisticated and therefore demand a PR/editorial approach to maximise success in search and customer acquisition.

As well as being super nervous about standing up in front of a room of such experts, I’ll also be wearing utterly ridiculous shoes, so I’m also secretly hoping I don’t fall over in front of everyone!

Wish me luck everyone!

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