Comment: Dolce & Gabbana enables access to its entire digital strategy from one place

Luxury Daily reported recently about Dolce & Gabbana attempting to interact with consumers by enabling them to access its entire digital strategy from one place. Dolce & Gabbana is offering links to its mobile applications, social media pages, e-commerce site and blog in its “Follow Us” tab on Facebook.

Offering up all communication channels in one place could potentially introduce customers to mediums that they did not know existed, as well as emphasise the main pathways of communication between consumers and the brand.

According to Luxury Daily, some may argue that this over-saturation of social media could look desperate for a luxury brand, or that Dolce & Gabbana is diluting itself by appearing on too many low-end channels. However, says Luxury Daily, experts believe that since most consumers typically have one or two favourite communication channels, having information on different sources can help to engage with as many fans as possible.

The latter statement seems more just, as letting consumers choose how they can engage surely strengthens the brand engagement and allows the brand to tailor its messaging to its customers. Brands can also strengthen their vertical sector engagement when tailoring output for different channels. Ultimately, this will also ensure better data capture of customer preferences.

At Leapfrogg, we take a holistic approach to social media. Our approach reflects the interdependency between search, social media and content; we advocate that one discipline cannot operate in isolation of the other two.

We advise our clients on the best channels to reach their audience through and ensure all output ties back to a content plan aligned to the greater marketing strategy. Having all departments working to an agreed plan not only gives clear direction but also ensures that your messaging remains consistent through all channels, regardless of which channel your consumer prefers to engage with you through.

And don’t forget, quality, relevance and timeliness of content is absolutely central to social media engagement. For us, content very much remains king!

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