Facebook's evolution gets even more personal

It seems difficult to believe that it’s only just over a year since Facebook released the ‘Like’ button, yet they claim that 10,000 sites use this plug-in daily.  Yet following hard on the heels of the ‘Like’ button now is the ‘Send’ button, which will allow individuals to be much more specific about who they want to share content they like with, rather than simply posting a message onto their own Facebook page for all of their followers to see.  A logical evolution, and one that lends even more weight to the power of advocacy, or positive user experience, of rich and engaging content and for brands to really think about how they can harness the untapped potential of their audience for mutual benefit.

And, of course, this reinforces Facebook’s position as THE dominant player in brand to consumer social media marketing.

More on how Facebook has evolved their widgets in less than 3 short years from Techcrunch.

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