Facebook launches 'Studio' to showcase the best in social media campaigns

Last week, Facebook launched a brand new website aimed at crediting the best marketing campaigns executed across its vast social platform. The concept for Facebook Studio is simple: advertisers and marketers from around the world submit their campaigns to the site and users ‘like’ the ones they think are best. Once a campaign has received enough votes it will enter the Spotlight section of the site where it will be judged by a professional panel of creative directors from leading agencies around the world.

As well as crediting the best campaigns on Facebook, the site also aims to inspire and teach marketers how to get the most from their Facebook marketing activity. The site includes information, tutorials and FAQs on how brands can get the most from Facebook’s functionality.

What it tells us about Facebook

As well as being an extremely useful resource for figuring out how to remove page admins, update URLs and everything else you might need to do on Facebook, the site also tells us a lot about Facebook’s plans for the future.

For the last few months, Mark Zuckerberg and co have been developing ways to make it easier for brands to interact with customers on the site. Earlier this year, Sponsored Stories was launched, which allows brands to run PPC adverts containing information about how individual user’s friends have interacted or engaged with the brand. Facebook also launched mobile and local deals, which have made it easier for businesses to gain a mobile presence on the site.

Learning from the site

From a retailers perspective, the site features some amazing examples of great work that creative geniuses across the globe have contributed. My personal favourites are the 1Goal campaign and the BMW X3 mash up. Although some of the campaigns may be too ambitious for smaller brands to attempt, Facebook Studios lets everyone learn a great deal about why they are successful. So you can apply the same principles of success to your smaller campaign which might hopefully make your campaign a lot bigger than you’d originally planned!

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