The importance of optimising your Google Place listing; a quick case study

Since Google integrated its Place results into the standard web results, claiming your listing has been a quick win to climb the search engine results page (SERP), helping many local businesses leapfrog the competition.

However, even if you’ve claimed your Place page it might not be fulfilling its true potential. Using an example from one of our retail clients, I’ll explain how.

What we did

We took a number of local stores and added some key store information to improve and optimise the listings both content wise and visually thereby making them more enticing to users. We…

  • Added listing to relevant categories
  • Added optimised descriptions
  • Added store specific information including
  1. Parking availability
  2. Disabled access availability
  3. Ranges available
  4. Brands available
  5. Any extra store info
  • Added 10 product images that directly relate to stores range and best selling products

The results

Here are the great results we’ve seen in the last few months:


Impressions = how many times users saw your business listing as a local search result
Actions = how many times users showed interest in your business listing

Store 1

Store 2

Store 3


A well optimised, enticing and informative Place page resulted in many more people interacting with the listings, sending increased traffic levels to the site.

Therefore be sure to optimise your Place page and add as much relevant and useful information as possible!

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