More than the sum of their parts; user-generated content and SEO

At Leapfrogg, we’ve been really excited by the possibilities opened up by Bazaarvoice’s new Smart SEO technology, and are looking forward to learning more about it.

To us, the ability to leverage the power of user-generated content (UGC) to the tangible benefit of brands – by using this content to underpin their natural search visibility – marks a real step-change for marketers.

It means brands who curate their UGC actively and effectively will immediately be at a competitive advantage for page rankings.  Too frequently, brand blogs and forums have become something of a wasteland of consumer engagement.  They tend to suffer from a lack of content from the host brand, a lack of active responses to customer posts, or both.  Therefore brands who engage with their audience will benefit twice; by providing (hopefully) a better / more satisfactory experience for those with whom they are engaging, as well as making their brand more visible within the search engine results page (SERP). Turn the weakness into a strength, and the benefits should be seen and felt pretty quickly.

We’re keen to understand how this technology works, and how it can be applied not just on brand sites and content but also within social media.  In theory, we believe this approach can add real differentiation and advantage for our clients.  We hope the reality will bear this out.  More news when we have it!

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