Top ten Froggblog posts of 2010

As we draw towards the end of 2010, we thought we’d compile a list of the ten most popular posts from the Froggblog over the course of the last 12 months. These mainly cover advice in strategy and online retail.

Infographic – the online retail wheel of fortune

Rosie created the ultimate in infographics back in April; this is a graphical representation of the tactics, and how they are employed at each stage of the buying cycle, that go into creating a holistic digital strategy for retailers.

Why preparation is integral to success in digital marketing

Ben argues the importance of due diligence, research and planning to implement a successful digital marketing strategy.

25 questions to ask yourself before taking digital marketing in-house

Focusing on core skills, technology and resource, Ben shares a number of questions to ask of your business when deciding if in-house, outsourced or a combination of the two solutions is best for managing your digital marketing efforts.

Digital marketing benchmarking report for premium home and garden retailers

This was the first of a number of studies looking at premium retailers’ use of, and attitudes towards digital marketing. The second report looking at food and drink retailers is due for release in January 2011.

How multichannel retailers can benefit from Google’s new search results layout

Rosie looks at how retailers can take maximum advantage of Google’ advanced search layout.

Applying store decompression zones for online retail

Rosie looks at how the theory of store decompression zones (the area just inside the entrance of a physical store) can be applied to websites.

Online strategy: to discount or not to discount?

Traditionally considered a method of clearing stock, discounting has now grown to be a significant element to online marketing strategy. Ben looks at what you should consider when incorporating discounting into your online marketing strategy.

Christmas retail: gearing up for Cyber Monday (part 1- research and planning)

With contributions from various Leapfrogg experts, this five part series looked at how online retailers can maximise sales over the Christmas and New Year period. Beginning with this post covering research and planning, advice was then given in website optimisation, paid search, editorial link building and social media.

Google Place Search – the potential impact on retailers without physical stores

In October, Google made some significant changes to how local search results are displayed. Andy takes a look at what it might mean for retailers, particularly online-only retailers, who by their very nature do not have a physical store, or ‘local footprint’ if you like.

What to include in a brief to a search marketing agency

Before approaching an agency, be sure you are prepared with the information they are likely to need in putting together a focused proposal. Ben provides some useful advice.

Keep following the Froggblog in 2011 – we’ll continue to provide regular advice and commentary on all things digital marketing and online retail, as well as some insightful studies and benchmark reports planned.

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