Introducing the new Leapfrogg branding in full

On Friday, we teased you with an updated Twitter avatar, one small part of the new Leapfrogg branding. Well today we can happily reveal our new logo, tag line, textures and a flavour of how it looks when it all comes together.

The logo

The origami frog is central to the theme of the new branding. Origami requires patience and attention to detail but in turn the effort is rewarded with a beautiful creation. It sounds a touch cheesy I know, but the same is true of marketing your business online.

Fitting perfectly with our meticulous, creative and results driven approach, meant we loved the origami theme when it was presented by designer, Josh.

The tagline

‘digital marketing for aspirational brands’

Our new tagline is representative of the people we love to work with. Brands that are ambitious, that have a strong desire for achievement and success. They also understand the role the web must play in meeting such aspirations.


The lily flowers extend the origami theme further.

How does it all come together?

We will be spending the next couple of weeks rolling the new branding out across both online and offline assets. But here’s a flavour of what it looks like when the beautifully designed parts above come together on our new business cards.



You can also check out our lovely new Twitter profile page.

We are all really rather proud. I’m sure you will agree Josh has done a fantastic job. We’d love to hear what you think.

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