Our new branding – the story

After a couple of months of hard graft, not least from the excellent Josh van der Broek,  we will be imminently launching the new Leapfrogg branding.

But before we do, we thought it would be nice to show the story behind the rebrand; the steps we took, the ideas that were generated and how we came to the final solution. So here goes…

Step 1

In typical democratic style, the whole Leapfrogg team was involved at every stage of the process beginning with the creation of a ‘brand wheel’. This helped to focus on the core words and themes associated with the Leapfrogg brand as it stands but importantly where we want to take it. In turn, this defines the personality of the brand. From here, we each took a pair of scissors to a stack of magazines and used cut outs to visualise that personality in moodboards

Stage 2

Based on the moodboards, Josh starts getting creative, playing with themes, colour pallettes and fonts

Stage 3

And then the moment of genius – the origami frog that we all fell in love with

Stage 4

Josh then presented us with a few different options for the direction we could go in but I think he knew (and hoped) that it would be the origami frog theme that got us excited…and it was!

So it was this origami frog and lily flower concept that set the basis for the new branding. But, you’ll have to wait just a little longer to see the finished result. We will begin rolling it out next week so watch this space.

In the meantime, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Josh for all his hard work. It has been an absolute pleasure working with such a creative mind; somebody who really ‘gets’ what we stand for, turning that into something that we think is quite beautiful.

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