Finding your niche (part 2) – where we’re heading in 2010

Towards the end of last year, I announced (in slightly candid fashion) a shift in direction for Leapfrogg in 2010. With a much disrupted January now behind us (please, never mention the word ‘snow again!) the time has arrived to tell you a bit more…in our typically open fashion.

If you missed the last post, I explained how in the increasingly competitive and complex market for digital marketing services, it has become more and more difficult to differentiate one agency from another. Most of the good agencies tend to offer the same services and say the same things, just in a slightly different way (which adds to the confusion if you are a buyer of digital marketing services!).

The lesson we really learnt in 2009 is that regardless of the market you operate in, or the great reputation you may already have, you still need a business proposition that is unique. We realised last year that we had fallen into the same trap as many of our competitors in using the same old buzzwords and points of difference (which in reality were not that different at all!).

So what do we do to break the mould? Well, after a whole load of research, analysis, brainstorming, head scratching and the odd ‘eureka’ moment, we have come to the conclusion that demand is on the increase for specialist, boutique-style agencies, with exceptional knowledge and experience in one particular market.

So on the basis of this research, and our many years spent working with, and learning from, brands such as Feather and Black, we are creating a new division here at Leapfrogg focused on servicing premium retail brands; a specialist offering that helps differentiate Leapfrogg from other agencies, whilst providing premium retailers with a viable alternative to the ‘one-stop-shop’, ‘we service any client’ approach taken by many agencies.

The new division will build on the solid expertise we already possess in this market. For a number of months now we have been reviewing our existing services and how they can be finely tuned to better suit the requirements of premium retailers. We have already overhauled how we deliver work to clients with much more emphasis on research and planning, as well a more integrated approach to digital marketing that combines search, social media and content. It is our belief that these channels cannot operate in isolation but instead must be used in combination to maximise reach, targeted traffic, online conversion rates, levels of customer retention, as well as developing those all-important advocates of your brand.

New services specific to the needs of premium retailers, and in line with how we expect retail to change in the coming months and years, are also being investigated by our team. Mobile, augmented reality, rich media content, dynamic merchandising, cross-channel and customer retention tools are all on the radar with services due to launch over the course of 2010.

We will also be ramping up our ability to accurately measure results across all channels with an Ecommerce Analyst due to join the team in the coming weeks. A recruitment strategy focused on sourcing experts with the right blend of skills to complement those we already possess will be an ongoing theme.

Alongside all of this, we are going to be freshening up the Leapfrogg brand and website, a project kicking off in the next couple of weeks and one that I am particularly excited about.

With all of the excitement around a new division, it would be easy to forget where we have come from. But rest assured that won’t be happening. We’ll continue to deliver exceptional digital marketing expertise for new and existing clients in other sectors, running alongside the new retail division.

So that’s us…a new division, new direction and newly found strategic focus in everything from sales and marketing to recruitment. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below or get in touch.

Get involved

We want to involve premium retailers in the ongoing development of the division. This will begin with surveying dozens of the UK’s premium retailers to better understand their experiences of digital marketing. We’ll be using this research to compile an insightful report looking at the state of digital marketing in premium retail, as well as a series of round table events to explore the findings.

Keep a look out for the survey launching later this week.

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