Video: Social media tools you can start using today, for free!

Back in March of this year, Leapfrogg was invited to present at a local networking event organised by our friends over at Nido Marketing. Along with Steve Robinson from Sales Engine the afternoon focused on sales and marketing techniques that could be adopted to not only survive these difficult times but actually prosper.

Social media remains the buzz word of the moment but much confusion surrounds the tools available, how to utilise them and of course the benefits available to marketers. To give the attendees a brief introduction my presentation focused on some of the free tools available, mainly concerned with social media but also ensuring measurement tools such as Google Analytics were being utilised.

Not until the last minute was I told the whole event was to be filmed so I hope my rather deep sounding voice and Tony Blair style hand gesturing work for you!

Part 1 – What is social media, what forms does it take and things to consider before getting started.

Part 2 – Blogging, Twitter and social networking tools, such as LinkedIn.

Part 3 – Benefits of social media, conclusions and Q and A.

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