‘Team Leapfrogg’ savour mild glory in local volleyball tournament

Leapfrogg embarked on a physical endurance test a couple of weeks ago by taking part in a local business Volley ball tournament at Yellowave beach sports club on Brighton seafront.

When Jody told us we had been entered not everyone was overjoyed by the thought but a select few Froggers were up for the challenge. These enthusiasts included Rosie, Libby, Matt, Catherine, Dan and Mike. Unfortunately Christos, Steven, Suze and Sacha couldn’t play on the day of the tournament because they were jetting off to warmer climates, but they still joined in with our training attempts.

Christos, our voluntary trainer, took us to Yellowave to practise, as well as Brunswick Square and St. Annes Wells Garden. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised about volleyball, and soon we became very competitive. Most of us found it very easy to fear the ball and adopt a “crouch” position, especially when the ball was falling above us at ferocious speeds – demonstrated by MD, Rosie below:

After a fair few training sessions, some being before work at 8:30 am in the howling wind and rain (that’s determination for you) the tournament soon crept up on us. Our final 6-a-side Leapfrogg Team consisted of myself, Rosie, Matt, Catherine, Dan and Mike, our FD.

We brightened up a dull day with our rather fetching green t-shirts, thanks to Mike, and did ourselves proud by making it through to the quarter finals. There was only one minor incident when Catherine and Mike head butted each other in mid air, but thank god they escaped a broken nose! I think I can say we all took a shine to Volleyball and will certainly be playing a few friendly games in the future, so watch this space for news of a win!

Below are a few shots courtesy of Catherine’s sister, Mary:

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