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Here at Leapfrogg we like to give a little back to the local community and in particular allowing the opportunity for students to sample life at a digital marketing agency through a week of work experience. The latest tadpole to spend some time with the Froggers is Becky Weatherley. Here, she tells you about her week at Leapfrogg towers:

Hi, I’m Becky Weatherley and I’ve just finished my GCSEs, after which I was assigned by my school to attend work experience here at Leapfrogg, as they knew I was interested in computers and advertising.

First of all, I had no expectations and thought I would be just sat down in a little room and set whatever work they needed me to do. This week has definitely not been like that. On my first day I was greeted by Libby Freshwater, who is a very bubbly personality and automatically made me feel welcome. She gave me a little tour around the office which is basically only one big room where everyone works, which I found great.

Libby made me a tea and we both sat down while she explained her role to me and taught me all about ranking reports. I was then set a task of sorting out ranking reports, which I only completely finished a couple days after; so I now consider myself an expert!

One of the main things I noticed around the office was how even though everyone is in the same room people are often talking on MSN during the day.  Something I found quite weird at the beginning, but eventually got used to it! I just remember being spoken to on there by Jo-Rosie, while I wasn’t very familiar with everyone and I was trying to look around the room to figure out which one she was.  I got there eventually, sorry!

My second day was with Claire Mason who is quite funny. She gave me a presentation on many complicated things which I learnt a lot from, and now is not so complicated. This is one of the things that took me by surprise by working here, because I didn’t think I would actually learn anything at all, but I really have learnt many useful things I will no doubt use in my future. She set me a few tasks for the afternoon as well and helped me through them whenever I needed her. This was another thing that surprised me, I felt like the people here genuinely did want to help me through the work rather than just setting it because they needed to. Thank you Claire!

Wednesday morning I was in the hands of Sacha Fellingham, who also sits next to me in the office – she is a very nice, sweet person and great to talk to. I was taught all about ‘search term analysis’ and ‘ad creation’ which I also learnt a lot from as expected. She was extremely helpful so thank you to Sacha!

That afternoon I had Claire Stokoe who taught me about social media, which was quite interesting. I found out I am not the only one who only uses twitter to stalk celebrities!  Also, the task she set me for that afternoon was to go on websites like twitter and facebook, and browse around, work here is so hard…

After missing Thursday because I had to go in school, I returned on Friday to the tall Laurence West who told me all about his role of account management and set me a few things to do based on what he told me.  As he was such a great teacher I finished them early and am now writing this blog about my experience.

I am going to go away from this experience at Leapfrogg with a few things. One is with everything I have learnt here; it’s better than school! Everything I did learn does link to what I am interested in and what I will be doing at college next year, so it has been very useful. So, thank you to all the people here who took the time to help me.  Leapfrogg has blown me away with how nice and friendly the people are which obviously made the experience much more pleasurable for me. Special thanks to Libby for looking after me throughout it all and also everyone else here, I appreciate it.

p.s. I will be cheering you all along mentally for your volleyball tournament next week which no doubt you will win easily!


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