My work experience at Leapfrogg

Hi, I’m Sam Swan and I am just about to complete a weeks work experience here at Leapfrogg. I thought I’d tell you a bit about what I’ve been up to…

Before working at Leapfrogg:

I’m a student from the University of Chichester and I study Media Production and Media Studies. For one of my modules I was given the task of finding a work placement situated around media that I would find beneficial to my learning and more importantly an area that interested me.

I first became aware of Leapfrogg through the Wired Sussex website when I was searching for some work experience. I wasn’t completely sure at first that digital media was an area of work I would enjoy as my University unfortunately doesn’t cover digital media.

Following my research into Leapfrogg I thought it would be a great idea to contact Jody Mason from the company and through emails I was given the opportunity to do work experience, which I was extremely grateful for.

My first thoughts on arrival and meeting the Froggers:

Before arriving on my first day I was extremely nervous and not quite sure what to expect. As soon as I arrived everyone made me feel extremely welcomed which helped calm my nerves.

I was amazed to see everyone working in one giant room as I expected to see each department separated not merged into one.

My week with Leapfrogg:

During my week I was assigned to the Digital Marketing department which was the area I was most interested and specifically asked to work in. I worked closely with Claire Stokoe and Simon Dance, members from the Digital Marketing Department during my week who set me task to complete which included creating a Twitter account, Netvibes account and a blog with WordPress. I did however, spend some of my time talking and interacting with other team members from the other departments at Leapfrogg which has made me consider other possibilities available if, I didn’t necessarily want to go into Digital Marketing.

However, I was amazed at the tasks set because it didn’t seem right that I was being allowed to socialise on the Internet for my work experience. I was quite conscious about this on my first day. Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to do some work for the Paid Search department where I had to come up with tag lines which I enjoyed as gave me the opportunity to be creative.

My final thoughts:

I’ve had a brilliant time working for Leapfrogg and it has been a great experience for me. My views on social media have changed; I am now more aware of what social media is, although I’m still learning. From my work experience and time with Leapfrogg I would definitely consider a career in digital media for the future.
I’d like to thank Claire and Simon for taking time out of their busy schedule to help tutor me for the week. I feel I’ve learnt a lot from them, as well as the other Froggers who have taken the time to talk to me.

Thank you Leapfrogg for a great week.

P.S. And thank you Sam from Leapfrogg!

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