Double-quick elimination of spam – well done Twitter!

Yesterday afternoon whilst travelling by train to a speaking event my Iphone started going mad – numerous emails alerting me to new followers on Twitter. Wow, I thought – I am popular today (anybody who doesn’t get a ping of excitement at new followers on Twitter is lying – it satisfies our natural need to be recognised and popular so new followers are always greeted with great delight!).

How disappointing to find though that these ‘followers’ were nothing more than spammers! Is there nowhere we can go without the viagra nuts spewing their filth?!

Anyway, the point of this somewhat brief post is to exclaim my delight at Twitter and their speedy response.

Before I had even had the chance to go in and block these seedy characters, Twitter had removed their profiles with the message ‘Sorry, the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity. Mosey along now, nothing to see here’.

It is great to see a relatively new service already having measures in place to eliminate this kind of activity. Well done Twitter! My blossoming love affair with you continues (I am new to Twitter, have had to eat humble pie in realising its value and now can’t get enough!).

If you are unsure what the devil I am on about and need some guidance in understanding Twitter, how to get started and the benefits, my Twitter sensei Dan Richardson will be posting shortly to tell you all you need to know.

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