Industry News – What are Leapfrogg reading this week?

A weekly (ish) round up of the search and digital marketing stories, articles and tools that have caught the eye of the Leapfrogg team…

Website Optimisation/SEO

10 reasons why your website looks like Spam

Not ranking across the major search engines – it might just be because your site is rubbish!

Good theory of how to structure site architecture

A really rather good Website Optimisation ROI calculator

Optimising forms

The truth about grey Page Rank…

…but are Google slowly phasing it out?

Paid Search

Google and Yahoo’s paid search deal. They think it’s all over – it is now!

Argghhh, yet more updates to Google’s Quality Score

Consumers still buying, but spending less

International PPC Markets

Other stuff

The BBC begin blocking external links…

…and then respond to the criticism


Until next time…happy reading!

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