Forget link building. Focus on brand equity.

If now is not a time to stop link building and instead focus your energies on enhancing your online user experience, driving forward positive customer experience strategies and considering how you can further develop how your brand is perceived then I have to wonder if you and you’re website will be around next year.

The roll out of Google’s SearchWiki, which allows users to vote up and exclude results from their natural search index, has never placed more focus on the importance of the social vote.

Sure we’ve had social booking for years, and while many have speculated that the social vote might in future influence the natural algorithm of the major search engines, this development indicates a real recognition of the power of the community.

Yes, links are important, but all of the links aren’t going to count if your competitors have a powerful and engaged community, driving up votes across all of the major social sites, including Google and they are positive preaching about your business both online and off.

Take the afternoon off. Think only about your brand equity and how you’re going to give your users a reason to love you.

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