Could you do with a jingle?

If I asked you to name a popular brand of lemonade, which would you choose?

Would memories be aroused about the outstanding R Whites ‘Secret Lemonade Drinker’ advert of old?

What if I asked you to name an online company who produces greetings cards, would you sing “Moon….” back to me?

If I asked for an insurance comparison site, hands up who would retort “Compare….. The Market – dot com

I’m not suggesting that each of these products and businesses are successful because of their jingles. I’m merely making reference to the fact that these jingles can act as powerful tools to spread the message or messages about a company, brand or product virally (particularly if they have the leverage of a multinational and the respective budget). But ignoring all of that, it only takes one idea, one jingle and a connection to ‘stick’.

Now I’m probably unusual in that I regularly ‘join in’ to the adverts (commercial radio provides some excellent examples) but with video, audio and flash demonstrations taking hold online, I have to wonder if the small to medium size business will ever consider embracing jingles as part of their online marketing strategy.

Club Biscuits – ‘If You Like a Lot of Chocolate on Your Biscuit Join Our Club.’
Shake’n’Vac – ‘Do the Shake and Vac’
Danone – ‘Um Danone’
Kwik-Fit – ‘Can’t Get Quicker Than a Kwik-Fit Fitter’
Kia Ora – ‘I’ll Be Your Dog’
Um Bongo – ‘They Drink it in the Congo’
Wall’s Cornetto – ‘Just One Cornetto’
Mars – ‘A Mars a Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play’
Mc Donalds – ‘I’m loving it’

The above examples aim to illustrate jingles that stuck, which, even today, do their job to remind us about the companies and products they were written to promote.

This is of course rather simplified and I’m assuming all of the other elements of your marketing mix are polished, but why not use all of the available tools to not only get in the hearts and minds of your customers, but also get into their heads?

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