Industry News – What We Are Reading This Week (12)

What have the ‘Froggers‘ been spending their time reading in the last week? Here’s a rundown of our favourite stories and articles from the world of search:

Paid Search
Interesting demographic data on the users of the 2 major search engines Google and Yahoo.
Tips from SEOMoz on how to utilise your paid search campaigns to aid search term research for your SEO campaigns

The following are all related to the recent changes to the Google AdWords Algorithm

Google News

Here is a round up of what we have been reading about our friend Google this week!
Google launches its new “Suggest” feature on its home page
Google Checkout is being promoted further within AdWords listings
Google is progressing with its AdWords partnership with Yahoo despite a probe from the US government

A 17 mini-chapter tutorial on html that every online marketer should know
Google has furthered its customisation of results by locality
A thread on Google Groups clarifying how Google handles Flash

That’s it for this week, keep up the reading!!!

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