Industry News – What are Leapfrogg reading this week? (11)

Us ‘froggers‘ are a busy bunch! We spend a huge amount of our time hunting down the best of the weeks search marketing news and articles so you don’t have to!

Here are this weeks top picks!

Social Media
Some really boring products that have rocked the world of social media. If a blender can cause this much of a stir (sorry!), anything can!

Paid Search
Some nice research from the guys at Site Visibility exploring advertising opportunities around the Olympic Games. Google’s new Insights for Search tool and to how to use it to improve Paid Search performance.
Bidding on competitor terms ā€“ the debate continues – should we be advising or condoning it?

If you are focusing on rankings as a measure of your search marketing efforts, think again!
Wow! What a great tool. This allows you to see how Google results appear in different locations.
Too many search marketers forget that blogging is great for search engine rankings! Yes, its great for the fluffy stuff (community, conversation, brand building, etc) but blogs continue to have great weighting in the search engine results!

Managing the multitude of passwords we use online is a nightmare. Here are some nice tips to help your visitors keep track.

Until next week…

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