Industry News – What are Leapfrogg reading this week? (10)

What have the ‘Froggers‘ been spending their time reading in the last week? Here’s a rundown of our favourite stories and articles from the world of search:

Microsoft is extending its relationship with Facebook by encompassing search. Potentially, this is a major coup for Microsoft due to the high volume of Facebook users and therefore the growth in market share that these represent. Also good for branding. But enough to pose any serious threat to Google? Plenty more deals like this will be needed before Google lose any serious sleep!

Could upgrades to Google Merchant Search spell the end of UK comparison sites? With information, such as loan rates being displayed in the SERPS, why click through to a comparison site? We have always felt comparison sites are given too much weighting in the SERPS so will we see them gradually lose their prominence over the coming months and years? Watch this space!

New Cuil search engine launches. Does it pose any threat to Google. Not according to Kevin Ryan…
….and we have to agree. If you make a whole load of noise make sure your product delivers – search result relevancy so far look average at best.
Google is now notifying users when results have been modified according to ‘search customisation’ i.e. due to a users location or personal preferences. Its great to see Google being more transparent with users!
Google testing new ‘related searches’ functionality.

A great article from Scott Allen explaining how conversion optimization should very much be considered part of the Internet marketing mix. We fully agree! Too many individuals and agencies in particular focus on acquiring traffic as the end goal. Our belief is that having a top ranking for a competitive keyword on Google is great but ultimately a means to end. If you are not focusing on conversion as part of the optimisation process you are missing a very big trick.

At Leapfrogg, we have recently re-branded ‘search engine optimisation’ as ‘website optimisation’ to reflect the fact that the work in optimising a site should focus as much, if not more, on the user than the search engine.

On that note, a useful piece of usability software from Brighton based Clearleft that is certainly worth a good look…
Interesting article from Komarketing Associates on measuring the real value of a link.

Paid Search
Yahoo’s explain their new Ad Profiling option with some interesting gardening analogy. Much respected guys over at PPC Hero question whether it is doing more harm than good.
New layout of Google’s sponsored results page.

Social Media
An exhaustive list of tips and resources to help develop that all-important ‘authority’ status in your niche.
38 must read articles and resources on Online Reputation Management
37 viral post ideas you can use today.

Happy reading!

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