Credit Crunch Can’t Stamp Out Usability Market

As the UK credit crunch continues to dominate the headlines, including those of our very own blog, I thought it would be a good idea to draw your attention to an article I recently read. Lorraine Paterson’s article Economic Downturn Puts Usability Into Focus describes how more shoppers are turning to the internet to do their shopping as the credit crunch continues and as a result we see an increased focus on website usability.

Internet shopping has its advantages in a climate such as this, it is easier to compare prices for a specific product online than it is trawling around the shops and more often than not internet prices are cheaper than in-store. The current economic climate is perfect for companies to take a competitive advantage by making their websites more usable to capture and entice online spenders to part with their cash.

Now is the time for e-commerce sites to increase their spending for online marketing, not reduce it. If there are more people searching the internet for a product you sell online then you would be crazy to miss out on these potential sale opportunities. Now is the time to make sure your website is up to scratch in terms of usability and cash in!


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