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Search, it’s getting better.

As you are no doubt aware, search engines not only let you search for websites, they offer more specific searches as well. You can use Google, Live Search, Yahoo and Ask.com to search for images, video, blogs, books or news. These vertical specific search engines work in the same way as the traditional web search function but allow you to target a specific set of search results.

Whilst that is lovely and useful most web users are creatures of habit and that extra click or two before getting your search results is bad news. Fortunately, the big four search engines have got your back. Last year, Google introduced Universal Search, Ask.com have given us ‘Ask 3D’ (which features an excellent preview function to view the webpage without clicking on it – very cool) and the other engines introduced blended search results, all aimed at giving you what you want, in one place.

Now when we search, we can see results pages filled in glorious rich media goodness. For an example, follow this link below.


We see pages with local business listings, news feeds, youtube videos, images, all relating to our search query. And if we were searching for something different that they have not suggested, we are presented with alternative suggestions.

By offering these search results embedded in the traditional results page you are provided with a more rounded set of search results from just one click. Good stuff and great for users but how can this help you?

Simply put, adding content such as podcasts, video, news, pictures or a blog and making sure you optimise these well, you can improve your visibility in search results and drive up your rankings.

How, you say. Well….

Tag and label your content with clear and concise wording – if you can, add relevant search terms.

Transcribe your video and podcast contest; search engines are not quite clever enough to understand the content, give ‘em a hand.

Videos should be branded throughout to protect your property and as a way to drive brand awareness.

If relevant, sign up for local business listings; these results often appear above the natural search results. You can add pictures and reviews to these as well.

As well as optimising press release and news stories, syndicate through online news sources

Regularly write informative and interesting blogs posts.

Adding new, optimised rich media content will also aid you natural listing by consistently adding fresh content to your site. Get creative, get inventive, get involved with your customers. Go universal

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